A term used to address someone of both Asian and African descent.
Dude, that guy's dad is black, but his mom is Japanese! He's totally brown rice!
by Raikonia April 03, 2010
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When you fuck a chick in the ass and her dingle berries get stuck to your balls and looks like brown rice.
When I pulled out form being balls deep in Melanie's ass I had a serious case of special brown rice!
by enragedGTO April 07, 2015
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Usually a homosexual/bi/curious caucasion male of any age, that is primarily or only attracted to other men of color. This caucasion male does not typically have a preference, as long as the male is of another ethnicity. The term derives from many racial (truths) stereotypes of the many different ethnic foods consumed by either Asian (including "red-dot" indians) regarding the rice reference, beans for all males of latin decent and brown for (usually brown to lighter brown skinned) african-americans. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean the caucasion male with this preference actually see's the object of their affection for thier physical beauty or personality but more so just for their ethnic background. For example, a caucasion male could be currently dating a young, very attractive and fit Asian male but still leave him for or cheat on him with another lesser attractive male, purely out of instinct and just because he is asian thus leaving most men of color to shy away from "brown beans and rice" queens because they usually feel more like a fetish than a preference.
Domonique: "Tommy is such a brown beans and rice queen!"

Brandon: "No way, wait....really? How do you know?"

Domonique: "Well, he dated Tyrone for like 2 years, last month he was seeing Juan but then he cheated on Juan with Arjun and tonight he's tryin' to mac on David Cho!"

Brandon: "Oh wow, you're right! He is such a brown beans and rice queen!"
by Domin077 November 02, 2008
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Meaning a mixture of brown people and asian people since brown is representing brown people and rice is representing asian people
Yooooo! Man those bowls of brown rices are definitely kicking in those curves!
by vintagebitchyimg January 20, 2017
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