A term used to describe a good friend that you have known almost your whole life. The word "brother" is used because the friend is extremely close to you to the point that he is almost like your brother--but from a different mother. And that rhymes. And you know that rhymes. Admit it!
"What's happenin' my brother from another mother?"
by Elmer January 21, 2005
Term commonly used by one Christian man to another. This makes sense since all Christians are "brothers" (belonging to the body of Christ) but most have different mothers.
Since you were saved, you've been my brother from another mother.
by Redeemd October 1, 2009
A friend that is so close he is like a brother, though obviously from another mother.

Should be spoken like you're straight outta Compton.
Thug 1: (Walks into the crib).
Thug 2: Yo, my brother from another mother...washappenin'?
by Shred the originator in 1994 December 11, 2012
a best friend who you with was your sibling usually a black friend
guy 1*yo your my best friend wish we were related
guy 2*yo your my/a brother from another mother
by dat guy welbz January 11, 2015
When your father has a bastard son from another woman, the son becomes your "Brother from another Mother".
So, my father knocked down your mom, that makes you my "Brother from another Mother"
by Randomsniper May 6, 2022
1. a friend to whom you are not related but spend most of your time with especially around their home.

2. a person who almost lives with you after abbandonment by their parents or their running away from their parents.
My brother from another mother eats with us every night cause his moms a late night hooker
by nesnej November 3, 2007
When your dad leaves your mam and fucks someone else and your mam finds out so your stepbrother has to come over every once a week
Stepbrother: Oh I love you brother
Other stepbrother: we ain't brothers you stupid fucking asshole of a stepbrother, you are my brother from another mother!
by Jay McEv November 17, 2019