1) The name of a person who sends nudes
2) A thot

3) A hoe
"Come on don't be such a Brooke."
by SummitAG November 15, 2016
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Brookes are beautiful, smart, kind, sensitive girl. She is pretty and will always help a friend. She is the one girl that lots of guys like but are too shy to admit it because Brookes are kinda weird and can be annoying or even pchsyco. She isn't very popular and she has a talent for singing and writing. She likes to read graphic novels and loves music. She spends a lot of time online and in games on her laptop or IPad. She feels like a loser cause she went to a daycare a little later than most people. Brookes are amazing, kind, childish, funny girl who will laugh at almost anything. If you ever find a Brooke you should keep her or you'll regret it.
Guy 1: You know that hottie, Brooke?
Guy 2: Yeah. She is really hot.
Guy 1: I know. I'd love to date her but she and her cousin are chasing after Aidan.
Guy 2: Dang I wanna be Aidan!!!
Aidan: *hallelujah plays*
by I am dah stupid potato August 07, 2017
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A nice girl that is super funny. Can be a bitch. Doesn't like to tell secrets but you just got to push it out of her. She likes this guy and they hold hands and bite each other he also touches her thigh. She fake likes Mrs.Anders but Mrs.Venezia is her favorite. She loves to Facetime and she deletes her texts. She is a really good friend and is smart. She protects you and helps you whenever you need it. She LOVES music and dances to it. And her best friend's name is Austin.
Brooke walks down the hallway listening and dancing to music.
by austinhug April 17, 2017
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The best girl you will ever meet. She usually has long brown hair. A Brooke usually dates people that have a really nice reputation with others and a kind heart.
Brooke is so nice.
by ProAgusGamer July 03, 2017
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Brooke ~ a girl who hides behind a smile , everyday even though deep down she is broken. A brooke is usually musically talented , tall thin and curvaceous. She gets along with others well when she knows she can trust them . She is extremely pretty , but never excepts it .and or notices it . She might like to be alone , but that's because she thinks she doesn't deserve anyone . Brooke's are also really fun to be around depending on their mood/state of mind . Brooke's tend to be over dramatic , and emotional , but with a little bit of care and love , they are willing to love you unconditionally as long as you prove yourself to her . She tends to hide in makeup because she's never satisfied with herself . She will learn to love herself eventually ... stay strong Brooke's
Brooke ~ "no "
by Claralover June 20, 2017
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a beautiful, loving. smart girl who deserves all the love in the world. brooke is very understanding and you can always trust her and confide in her. she is one of the best people you will ever meet.
person A: hey how long have you been going out with brooke?
person B: its been 3 months now.. im crazy in love bro.. im gonna marry her one day
by Brock Laguspo August 21, 2017
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