The connection between two bros who truly understand each other and have kindred spirits.
"Dude, you're awesome. You're my bromate!"
by PizK September 28, 2011
1. Like soulmate but with two dudes

2. Two dudes destined to spend their lives not boning each other but hanging out like champions regardless
Dude we're like... we're like bromates. Like I don't want to bone you dude, but I'll tease your hair, I mean fuck it, we're bromates.
by Maximus Decimus Merbrodius January 24, 2013
A format that is performed by a bro.
We have bromat permission from the user.
This computer just needs a bromat to fix the problem.
by Bakerjk October 27, 2010
a complex intimate relationship between two men of any sexuality, abolishing any divisions between brotherhood and companionship.
guy 1: those guys are tight... they gay or something?

guy 2: nah, shad and kain are bromates for life.

guy 1: ahh... i'm totally jel.
by kain mcleod April 3, 2008
A bromance that is also dramatic. The drama usually comes from the jealous girlfriend of one or both of the bros
Steve and Mark had a strong bromance going on until Mark's girlfriend got jealous. Now it's just bromatic!
by Magdalen22 March 19, 2015
This act involves two Bros who engage in gay sex and afterwards look at each other and proceed to tell each other, "no homo."
This weekend, my friend Todd and I are going to be bromating.
by TheWeaponX March 6, 2017
The act of "bros" or borthers, sharing intimate and quality moments together.
Chris: Hey Mike, do you want to blaze and watch a movie together?"

Mike: Hell yeah! Time for some bromating!!
by 22deborahct8 May 23, 2011