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To cry after holding in all ur feelings, to be really sad or upset
"Like I just broke down after my mother told me my dog died but I didn't show it until she left the room"
by Yoitsurboijoe June 09, 2016
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Bob: "What seems to be the problem here, miss?"
Ugly ho on the side of the road: "Looks like my car's broke down, can you help me out?"
Bob: "That's not the only thing that's broke down. Later, skank."
by Nick D January 18, 2004
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describing a person that has absolutely no respect for them self and neglects their personal appearance and hygene. Often displaying some of the same qualities as a homeless person.
Jeff is so brokedown, he got that T-Shirt free from a liquor store and he hasn't showered all weak.
by Tommy Ballgame April 15, 2007
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Somethin or someone real busted up in apperance.
Milagros Redondo is such a broke down hoe thas why she ain't got a man.
by LaLa March 05, 2004
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to lose self control but with a binge like appetite.
Your wife has been trying very hard to quit a nasty porn addiction but she broke down and now can't stop.
by gave in April 20, 2018
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