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Very emo hater on all sports fans
Micro penis
But very ok in maf and speling
Man brodric has such a shitty speller

Micro penis micro penis
Not a douche
by Charlie is not emo October 13, 2016
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An amazing person! SEXY BEAST the best friend you ever want. Someone you would want in your corner he will never leave your side he’s the ultimate best friend...I love him so much THE BIGGEST DICK IVE EVER SEEN (Brodric) is my favorite person on this planet extremely generous he will give you the shirt off his back if he needed too this man is kind thoughtful and will defend the people he loves to the end you are the luckiest person alive if you have him in your life he’s like a brother to you that you always wanted 💗
Omg is that Brodric he’s so amazing 😉
by Cocoapuf March 01, 2019
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