The Gen Z teenagers (typically in high school) with those stupid haircuts that are long and curly on the top, and short on the sides, resembling a head of broccoli. They are also typically very thin and don't lift, perhaps due to low T.
Damn, the broccoli heads in my 7th period gym class never lift, they just sit there on their phones and talk.
by RoundLost12 June 19, 2021
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broccoli heads are guys, usually in highschool, they are a form of local

trademark broccoli features include:

-undercut with curly hair, resembling a broccoli stalk
-almost exclusively wearing the colors red, black and white
-smokes weed, skips class
-sags pants
-jordans and af1s
-loves the brand true religion

-posts screenshots of rappers with vague borderline sadboy quotes on their snap story
-obsessed with trying to be hypermasculine
“ohgodohfuck look, a patch if broccoli heads, i gotta get out of here before they try to sell me a crusty dab pen.”
by iyatowa April 3, 2019
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A male teenager with a 'Meet me at McDonalds' haircut -- a curly perm which is higher on top, with shaved or faded back and sides.
The broccoli heads look like their hair has been nuked
by pytchy January 25, 2023
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A vegetarian or vegan. Someone who only eats vegetables.
If you keep eating all those greens your head's going to turn into a broccoli." "Oh god Mike grew a broccoli head!
by theycallmeru November 20, 2010
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Typically coming from the zoomer generation, a broccoli headed fuck is a type of zoomer who’s haircut resembles the top of a stalk of broccoli. Broccoli headed fucks typically travel in packs which can be easily seen from afar due to:

The cloud of vape smoke the emit as they all suck each others Juules

Screaming their zoomer catch phrases that have somehow become the cool thing to say despite being more retarded than 1000 years of incest such as straight bussin, on god, no cap, that’s mid, fire or lit, dead ass, cheugy, GYAT, ONG, sneaky link, vibe check, or sus

Filming TikToks in public spaces while being a massive inconvenience to non broccoli headed fucks such as in gyms, hallways, at the top/bottom of a set of stairs, or in the street.

All wearing red, white, or black outfits from True Religion or Supreme.

Blasting shitty mumble rap that is basically sexually assaulting everyone’s ears
I was trying to go to the gym earlier but my gym has a pandemic of broccoli headed fucks filming themselves dancing to mumble rap everywhere.
by Sugg Madic June 28, 2023
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