An occasion consisting of all bros.
Matt: "Bromander, you going to that phat broccasion over at Steve's?"

Joe: "Hell yah bromosexual! I love broing out!"
by mommy tyres June 25, 2010
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St. Patrick's day, 420, Last day of classes, and Easter.
Chad: "I think I'm gonna smoke this fire deezle tonight."

Dirk: "Nah bro, save it for a special broccasion."
by therealbrofessor March 29, 2010
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A special occasion in which, as a bro, you are required to attend by your fellow bro's. this may include a bro's birthday, bro's bachelor party, bro's wedding, but does NOT include any occasion that would require you to see them naked. (Bro's colonoscopy, Bro's nude photoshoot etc.)
Stinson: hey, of course i will be at your bachelor party, it's a special broccasion

Mosby: uh thanks barney, but i don't trust you when it comes to bachelor parties.

Stinson: you owe me after i went to that other "special Broccasion".

Mosby: i told you not to attend my photoshoot

Stinson: ....... the photographer chick was hot
by Mad_Butcher January 06, 2011
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