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Also known as "The Venice of New York," Broad Channel is a small island community located in Jamaica Bay. Two-thirds of the island is uninhabited by humans, as the northern portion of Broad Channel is home to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (JBWR). JBWR is a premier birding site, and attracts many visitors and scientists from around the world.
Broad Channel is home to over 4000 people, and is predominantly middle-class. Homes are becoming expensive, as people who wish to be near their work Manhattan also would like to go home to a quiet, safe neighborhood with a great school (P.S. 47 Q.). And being just a five minute drive (or thirty minute walk) to stunning Rockaway Beach also makes this location desirable.
Most Broad Channelites are proficient boaters and fisherpersons. The majority of homes are waterfront, because the entire west side of the island is a series of canals (hence the 'Venice of New York' moniker).
Broad Channel is home to a small variety of shops and eateries, though that number is growing all the time. There are also two children's playgrounds, two very large sporting fields, and a large park with multiple handball, tennis, and basketball courts. The public library is lovely, and is staffed by wonderful people. There is a Catholic church and a Presbyterian church on the island, and many more temples, churches, and chapels are just a five minute drive away.
Visit this beautiful, friendly neighborhood and enjoy!
Broad Channel is beautiful!
by JennBC November 11, 2006
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The forgotten Irish town of Queens, New York. It's in between Rockaway and Howard Beach and everyone who lives there thinks it's God's gift to earth. Most of the town is working class or lower class and they act like it too. Every kid in the town has drank or smoked before the time they get into high school. These same kids go to either PS 47 or St Rose in Far Rockaway, and then spread around to catholic high schools throughout the city, mainly McClancy or Mary Louis and Xavier for the smart ones. Kids who can't afford catholic school go over the bridge to either . The real party is in Broad Channel, and most of the people who live there are there for their entire lives. They have a rivalry with Rockaway kids, who aren't as hardcore as them since they're rich and stuck up. The real rivalry is with Breezy Point, which is like an amplified version of Rockaway. Breezy kids think that since they live behind a gate they're hot stuff, but they aren't. Broad Channel kids play basketball for St Rose and baseball for SCV, and they beat Breezy's Blessed Trinity at all levels pretty much every year, and they'd win in a fight too. The parents do the same thing as the kids: get drunk and smoke pot a few times a week and it's just accepted. A couple have drug problems, but since it's an Irish town everyone keeps their mouths shut about itThat's the way it's always been, and it will always be that way. The crazy Irish life will always prevail.
Those Broad Channel people are insane
by Queensxkid10 August 04, 2017
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Broad Channel - it is more then just the forgotten town between Howard Beach and Roackway. Almost everyone there is white and irish. Everyone growing up played on a BCAC sports team. Most kids there are drinking and smoking weed by 10. Don't worry, they don't start selling until their a freshmen in high school. It's much more then the pussy shit the Rockaway kids do. Which is why they get pissed off if you call them a Rockaway kid. Broach Channel is where the real parties at. Most of the kids there go to P.S.47 when there younger and leave by middle school to go to scholars. If they don't stay there for high school they'll go to a white as hell Catholic school. Everybody hates Breezy people and would rather be caught dead than with one of them. Howard beach is filled with hoes and wannabes. The BC girls are a little rowdy and won't deny having sucked a dick maybe once or twice. The guys fuck around with Rockaway girls but after there done playing around they'll ditch them for a Broad Channel girl. All broad channel kids girl or boy grow up to be drunks. They give zero shits about what other people think. If you can't hang don't even bother. All in all don't fuck with the "channel rats".
Hey those Broad Channel kids really know how to fuck shit up!
by fmydb July 19, 2017
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