Word used in the Facebook group A Bunch of Dad (ABOD for short). Don't take this as a serious word, because that group is filled with Gafs.
"Hey BroDads, my wife wants to peg me. I'm so glad she asked, but when should I come out to her that I'm gay?"

"Shut up, GAF. #DadNationRules!!"
by BigFuKanWeiner88 March 24, 2019
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When you marry your friends mum, then your friend in turn marries your mum you become 'BroDads'
You: Hey BroDad, how was dinner with my Mum last night?
Friend: It was pretty awesome BroDad, its getting pretty late, I think its your bedtime.
You: Fuck off.
by Glen1985 February 13, 2009
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Someone, usually a surfer, who irritates everyone, male or female, young or old, by calling them "bro".
Can also be used as a general term of derision.
That fuckin' brodad can eat my ass.
by SamAdams January 30, 2005
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A man who is your Uncle, Brother, and father at the same time (a whole lotta incest)
I'm going to Arkansas to visit my Uncle Brodad
by Kie-Guan Jinn February 21, 2017
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