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hot girl that also has bro-like qualities which make her awesome for all things bro-related.
Christy is such a bro-chick, we sat and played video games all night yesterday. And she also made me a sandwhich.
by Bropocalypsezzz February 01, 2011
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Chick who is basically like one of the dudes, similar to tomboy status, but less manly. One who hangs out and does dude-ly things, but knows her limits. Not to be confused with Bro-ho, a bro-chick is a girl who will sit back, drink beer, play videogames and football with you, and still spend 5 fucking hours doing her hair and makeup.
Bro 1: "That chick is so cool to hang around with. It's like she likes all the same things me and my bros do"

Bro 2: "You don't think--"

Bro 1: "Yeah. It's official. That chick is totally my bro. She's a bro-chick."
by SUNNEHHH February 04, 2011
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A fun, vibrant female who all the guys enjoy being around.
Max: "Courtney is such a brochick."
Tyler: "What guy wouldn't want a girl who can hang out with all of your bros? She's sometimes more fun to be around then you...hahaha."
by BroChick March 06, 2011
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Bro Chick- a completely platonic relationship between a guy and a girl in which they mutually share relationship advice, guy/girl trouble, and hang out.
I went to lunch with my Bro Chick today to figure out my guy troubles.

I'm going to have a Red Box night with my Bro Chick.
by HAH85 June 17, 2011
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A Brochick is a girl who hangs out with mostly guys. She may threaten them playfully and can even horse around with them without acting like a total girl.

A girl who can hold her own weight around the guys... though the guys care for her too much and wouldn't let her.

A fun chick who knows how to have a good time with a group of guys in a nonsexual way.
Ronny: "Damn, Marsha, you're my Brochick. I love you to death."

"You know that saying "Bro's before ho's"? Well, you're my bra..."
by Mellow0417 October 24, 2008
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A female friend, who is hot but you would be comfortable as you are to a bro.
1. Juhi, I like her but not love her, She's a Brochick.
2. Barney told Ted that Robin is such a Brochick.
3. Who needs a wingman, when you have a Brochick.
by DankMemesTeluguLo June 23, 2018
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