This a nickname you call someone close and dear to you! This is only used for your inner circle or friends or significant other
Boy: hey bro beans, what cooking?

Girlfriend: *sits on a heated couch*

Girlfriend: warming up you snack bro beans
by Mudbonic plague October 19, 2020
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Synonym to the words: Bro, broseph, dude, homie, man or nigga. Made popular by Thad Castle from the hilarious television show Blue Mountain State.
by Cambriass January 23, 2011
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A bong stronger than friendship, stronger than true love. Usually the bond is formed between a small group of males. they refer to eachother not by name but by simply calling eachother "brobeans". When in need one would assemble a "brobean talk" which is a short meeting between everyone considered to be a brobean. Brobeans never tell secrets to outsiders, however they tell eachother everything they know. No secrets are kept from brobeans. Alas, brobeans is not just a name for best friends. It is a way of life, and the brobean way of life will never be matched by any culture or any society past, present, or future.
by Exstractory April 01, 2015
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Main Female Character in the Anime Demon Slayer.
Mr. Purgatory: "Nang Zhou, you must save to your sister Bro Beans"
by Todeleto December 24, 2020
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A boyband of hot singles named Pinto, Green Bean, and Beanstalk. Pinto plays the kazoo and does the vocals while Green Bean plays piano. Beanstalk is the guitarist of the group and the second hottest.
by Bean Bros fan February 14, 2020
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A very hot boyband of hot singles.Pinto is Philip, green bean is Ben, and beanstalk is Josiah.They are all good looking but green bean happens to be the least
by Bean Bros fan February 14, 2020
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