a small island directly north of Atlantic City, NJ (you can see it when you stand on the beach), the kids go to ACHS and it is the most poppin town of the whole jersey shore. every teenager in the entire town frequents "the ave" (w brigantine avenue between 8th st s where wawa is and 14th st by ritas) every night between the hours of 8 and 11 pm. everyone pretends to go home at 11 for curfew but really people just smoke pot and drink all night on the beach. one of the few shore towns where shoobies and locals actually get along. you dont come to brigantine because you saw it on the internet as a great place, you come to brigantine because your family has a story behind it.
Shoobie (to local): finally im back in Brigantine! im so happy!

Local (to shoobie): yeah, lets go to the beach all day and then smoke a blunt tonight and hang at ritas!
by jerseypride September 18, 2010
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A tiny island at the Jersey Shore connected to Atlantic City by a bridge. It is frequented by shoobies during the summer, but the rest of the year it is completely dead.

People who live in the surrounding area (Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, etc) call Brigantine Narnia because of how desolate and out of the way it is. The residents of Brigantine are strangely odd, similar to the talking animals and mythical creatures in C.S Lewis's Chronicals of Narnia, thus making Brigantine residents known as Narnians.
Girl : Hey- you want to go to that party in Brigantine tonight?
Guy : Are you for real? That place is Narnia... it is mad far away.
Girl: True. And those silly Narnians...
by The Narnian February 24, 2009
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Small little island in south jersey, it has one way on and one way off. The girls have the best titts and pussys, the guys have the bIggest dicks in jersey.
Girl 1-Hey Girlfriend, i just fucked that kid Peter in Brig, his dick streched my pussy so wide, and he took my virginity all at once.

Girl2- Figures, hes from brigantine......

by JP WWRANG October 29, 2008
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a island just across from atlantic city. brigantine is a little secret to those who go and live there. it is small, but lively enough to make up for it. there’s tons of things to do in brigantine, you just have to discover them yourself. if you just look on the outside it may seem like another boring, basic beach. but brigantine is actually a getaway from the real world.
i cant wait to go down to brigantine beach this weekend, we are gonna fsu.
by summer19fsu June 9, 2019
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