An individual who is short on chromosomes and smokes Mary Jane every single day
by Bridge man 123 April 20, 2018
"Lets do the man bridge."
"What's that?"
"Let me shove my cock in your dick hole."
by Dick Fuck, Piss Pounder October 27, 2008
2 guys stand with erections end to end. One pulls his foreskin over the other's penis and jacks him off.

- Two hotdogs sharing one bun
"Dude, we don't have any Chinese finger traps, lets make a man bridge using our foreskin and penises!"
by The_Man_Bridge_Builder December 15, 2008
Jamaican slang for a woman who's notorious for often engaging in threesomes with two men.
Ya mon, her be one of dem two-man bridge type, my baby mama know her for tree years now.
by Shoe-RONICS March 14, 2011