a girl or woman, usually one of several, who accompanies a bride on her wedding day."her sister asked her to be chief bridesmaid"
a person who never attains a desire or goal.
Rickie Fowler, (2014 Golf season).
"Rickie is having a good season, but seems a long way away from a major whilst being a bridesmaid to Rory wee-mac"
by Noddy Japan August 11, 2014
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1. A woman who is The sister I never got, a best friend in every way possible, an amazing lady who I want to share my special day standing next to me
Anna-Lee ferris will you be my bridesmaid?
by Wedding08/06/19 January 11, 2017
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To one up a person who knows a mutual friend like in the speech in the movie Bridesmaids.
"I have been friends with her for 5 years."
"Well I have been friends with her for 6 years and dated her husband in HS."
"I have been friends with her for 20 years, my kids know her kids, and our husbands go to the pub together every weekend. "

Person #3 just bridesmaided you both.
by Ven Detta July 17, 2021
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The act of sitting down and shitting or pissing oneself in a public place such as the middle of a street.
Katie was so waisted she totally pulled a bridesmaids on her way back to the dorms!
by Glendolf The Blonde October 17, 2011
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The act of being a bridesmaid in a wedding. Or at a bridal shower. Whatever.
Dakota: so what's up

Lissy: not too much, just came home from a bridal shower that I'm bridesmaiding for.
by Little Lissy July 16, 2006
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When one of your friends appears to be doing something really nice for you (such as asking you to be in her wedding) but in all reality is royally screwing you. (By subjecting you to months of listening to bridezilla talk, forcing you to pay hundreds for a dress you'll never wear in your life... etc) The word can apply to any situation NOT limited to weddings.
"Wasn't that sweet of Jessica to ask Marianne to go to the beach?"

"Not really. You know she just wanted her to go so that Jessica would look skinny compared to Marianne who's gained a few pounds."

"Wow. She totally got bridesmaid-ed."
by ACB22 February 4, 2010
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The special kind of drunk you only get as a female member of a wedding party. The kind where you wake up the next day in a pretty dress, missing your shoes, smeared with someone else's lipstick and unable to remember how you made it home after a wedding or stagette.
"Why do I feel so awful and whose panties are these?" "Dude, you got bridesmaid wasted."
by idnami March 27, 2015
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