someone that is incredibly full of themselves. Typically he is the only one that is so full of himself and probably masterbates to pictures of himself.
"wow that dude is a real prick. Why take your shirt off? We know you're ripped but its 10 degrees out. That dude is so a Brickey."
by someone that notices February 5, 2009
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Someone that is basically understood as a total douchebag. People act like Brickey's are pretty cool but deep down inside they know that a Brickey is just really an idiot. To be a Brickey you have to combine being a douchebag, egotistic, overkill idiot all into one prick of a person.
person 1: Hey Brickey. Hows it going?
A Brickey: Nothing much just applied to 1000 colleges and worked out until I had another cock grow.
person 1: Oh sounds cool!
later person 1: yeah your an idiot. Go suck on your second dick.
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Someone that is basically understood as a champion of life. People that act like Brickeys are often mistaken for super humans, and can be spotted next to Diddy at most major clubs. To be a Brickey you must be able to combine power house dance moves, blasting of the nips, awesome pants, and the ability to consume insane amounts of alcohol all for 72 hours straight.
Person 1: Did you see that guy at the club last night?

Person 2: Do you mean the guy doing the butterfly in the middle of the dance floor? He was a real Brickey.

Person 1: Yeah, I wish I had the skills that Brickey had. I’m a total Hides, and will never be that cool.
by GetItBoyGetIt October 6, 2009
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A person who is generally misunderstood as being an asshole or douche bag. He does this because he feels as though many people hate him, so he returns the hatred. Though he has friends, he often feels that they get annoyed easily by him. Whenever they try to get into a relationship, they often annoy the one they go after. This is because they don't know how to talk to the other person, but if they took the time to get to know them, they would see that they're truly a good person.
"Jesus Christ that Brickey is driving me insane" -Guy
"That Brickey is really cool, I just can't date him, he's waaaaay too annoying" -Girl

"Brickey, chill out dude, you're acting like an asshole over a video game" -Friend
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