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A lithuanian (or other eastern european) public health official which is particulary barbariously eager for bribes.


First he won't have time for you during a normal visit.

Then he'll ask you to pay to come to him for a private appointment.

Even then he won't do anything until you give him a bribe.

And, after that he'll say: "Oh, good, now you got it" and will ask to pay him extra cash.

And, only then he will do the checks that you should have got anyways under the public health care.
Hey Joe, Idon't suggest going to that doc - he's a well known Bribarian!
by Watson_51 July 04, 2015
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Refers to someone who is either super-pushy about trying to bribe others to behave unethically/illegally on his behalf, or who is a total a**h**e to everyone unless he is bribed in some way --- money, sex, fancy meals, being catered to and/or waited on hand-and-foot, etc. --- think Ethan Couch, or maybe Varuca Salt of Wonka's chocolate-factory fame.
I don't wanna deal with any of the local budget-committee members --- nuthin' but a bunch of bleepin' bribarians!
by QuacksO July 06, 2018
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