1) A boy who is crazy about a girl but refuses to make any relationship public. He loves her one day, just wants to play xbox the next day, and the day after that she and her whole family are dead to him. He is inconsistant and irrational. Half the time he doesn't even make any sense. He also doesn't even know how to treat a girl right.

2) A boy who has the ability to be nice but just doesn't feel like it.
1) Girl - Why did you break up with your bf?
Other Girl - He was being a Brian.

2) I'm just so disappointed because my bf's a Brian. He just doesn't care enough to be good to me.
by orangejuiceistheshizz April 26, 2009
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1) One who attracts random gay men, most of whom are shirtless.

2) One who tortures and kills small animals for their amusement.

3) One who randomly breaks into a high-pitched effeminate voice when angry and/or upset.

4) One who has starred in numerous cheap pornography productions.

5) One who thinks he is clever but only ends up getting screwed over.

1) That guy getting followed by that shirtless kid must be a real Brian.

2)That jerk is such a Brian. He disembowels doves for fun.

3) Calm down you pansy! You are such a Brian.

4) This is the fourth movie we've watched with that Brian in it!

5) That idiot is such a Brian.
by Ms. Clean August 31, 2008
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A slang term, most commonly used by Filipino women, referring to Caucasian men. A generic and somewhat less offensive term for "white boy" in Filipino culture.
That brian comes here every day and orders a venti iced coffee.
by rickabone November 05, 2014
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To define something that is dangerous

A parody of a characters name created by Brian Conley ('Dangerous Brian' was the superheros character)
Ted "Go up that electricity pylon and get my frisbee back"

Jeff "No way man, its well Brian up there"
by team uca January 07, 2008
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That one guy who sits around playing World of Warcraft and Minecraft all the time, to the point where it's taken over his life. You think he's you're best friend until about 6 months later you begin to realize how big of an asshole he really is. Brians will make insulting jokes, they'll put you down, try to get with your best friend after dating you, and they'll call you names for no reason because they are mentally still an immature 8 year old girl. Not all Brian's are terrible, but it tends to be the Mexican Brian's you meet that will stab you in the back.
Really? It's been 12 hours now, stop being like Brian and get off the damn computer!
by cheetaraMS July 04, 2014
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