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A girl who doesn't take shit from anybody. She is easily hurt but always keeps a smile on her face. Her friends mean a lot to her but they can annoy her with things they say a lot. She has a lot of opinions but keeps them to herself. She is one of the most understanding people you could ever meet and feels seriously betrayed if you lie or use her. She most likely won't warm up to you unless you mention something she likes. She's an ambivert and gets overwhelmed easily but over all likes the people she hangs out with. She's a sucker for smiles and memes. If you find a Bri, treat her correctly because she probably has been hurt a lot in the past.
"Bri! Over here!"
"Sometimes I wonder why people stop talking to Bri, does she do something to them?"
by Cori? February 10, 2019

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A shy girl who refuses to talk to anyone unless it's her one and only best friend. She loves drawing and spending time on the phone with her best friend, laughing at stupid jokes and whining over how people make her favorite people depressed in fanfictions. She's a bit of a weaboo and doesn't know how to comfort people.
"God, Courtney is my best friend, and I'm guessing the same goes for her as well, hehe."
by Cori? February 10, 2019

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A dorky boy, who's smile brings out the best in the person who likes him. He's a bit of a nerd but doesn't show it often. He often mispells words but tries his best to correct them. Jason often likes to crack jokes or give people he cares about a hard time. He's a bit sarcastic but it's all in good fun. Has allergies to alot of things, and all around is a pure bean who should be protected.
"Wow! Jason's smile is so cute I could die."
You: "What do you want?"
Jason: "A 2005 ford mustang."
by Cori? February 10, 2019

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