Someone who thinks patriotism can only be extreme nationalism.

Wrapping themselves tightly in their country's flag, singing ( badly and without knowing the words let alone the meanings) patriotic songs and rolling out such displays at all opportunities as proof of their 'loyalty'.

The flagshagger knows little about the history of the country but frequently re writes it to suit jingoistic, xenophobic & very frequently racist rhetoric.

All flagshaggers are the pathetic remnants of grooming gangs known as 'trumpists', 'brexiteers' or similar who they will aggressively defend in a frightening display of 'Stockholm syndrome'.

Flagshaggers are useful only for their votes and once these are used they are cast aside.
Hey have you been to 'parler' recently?
Oh no! Why would I do that? It's a septic pus filled bubble of flagshaggers just like talk radio & Fox News!


Are you going to watch 'last night of the proms'?

Oh yes, just as soon as I can get the stains out of my flag from getting over excited at the latest home office advert about immigrants.
by terry fuckwitt1 September 5, 2020
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Someone who will judge people for having the union flag on a bio or because they hang up the union flag but they do the same thing with the union flag and wear it around them during protests on brexit and see no problem with it
did you see the person was called me out for being a flagshagger because i had the union flag in my bio but they have the eu flag on their bio
by NPTucker March 29, 2021
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