Brenda- meaning Child Of God

Intuition is Brenda's best homegirl. She knows the bad of what you are saying about her, thinking about her, and what you are wishing upon her. Being a child of God, he is on her side! He protects Brenda from the many enemies who wish to witness her downfall off of her goddess pedestal. She is a successful woman who is also the perfect role model as a friend, parent, mom, coworker, and wife. Why many look to her for advice. Her husband adores her and loves her til no end. She is his queen who will reign over his heart forever. Many of the jealous clowns create drama to try to ruin her character. But this is one thing Brenda is utterly annoyed by so she chooses to stay away from that circus of clowns. She does not partake in gossip, story telling of lies, or negative people. Her time is more precious than. Her simplistic standards in seeking goodness scare people off that are not meant for her. Many will never like Brenda because her spirit of peace and love will irritate their inner demon. And she is ok with it. She does not need negativity, darkness or fakeness in her life. She will lose interest in someone when she's ignored by them. She's not one to chase unwilling people around. She does not play well with fake. So don't worry, she will ignore you too. She will not waste her valuable time arguing with jealous people who believe their own envious lies about her. They want nothing more than to have her life!
She a bad Bish, that's my girl Brenda!
by SweetPanDulce June 01, 2019
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Theres this girl Brenda, I call her Bren for short. Shes so beautiful and everything a perfect girl could be. She has long curly beautiful hair. Brown honey eyes that light up like midnight stars. She has in intense high positive energy that is contagious. You might not recognize her now but you will notice her beautiful spirit. Her smile gives me intense weakness. Her laughter makes my heart beat faster. I love her with every ounce in me. No one is more beautiful than the. She is kind, committed to love and her honesty regardless of those who misunderstand and judge her with their jealous little hearts. Brenda knows her worth and petty opinions do not move her. She protects what she loves and cares for deeply. Don't speak badly of her friends, and family, she will hurt you. Brenda expresses her feelings with clarity and full confidence. She is always happy for other people and their successes. She manifests good energy and doesn't entertain with evil people and their bad energy. Brenda, is all a guy could ever want. She is all his heart ever needs.
Beautiful bombshell Brenda, who else can compare?
by SweetPanDulce June 01, 2019
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It takes alot for her to say I LOVE YOU. but when she does she says it deep and with all of her heart. She has a love lying inside her that is unexplainable. She loves hard and until the end. These girls are very beautiful, super nice, too funny, overly trustworthy, with a bombashus bubbly personality! Brendas are postive people and laugh a whole lot. She is as real as it gets. Outbeats any comparison. Her friendships are unbreakable and strong in all views. She never lies, steals, cheats, or betrays. Take every word she says to heart, Brendas speak the truth and are overly honest people all around. Intelligent and full of wisdom. Brendas will never break your heart and will extend out theres when yours is broken. If you are one of the lucky ones you will get to know a Brenda and know she is worth keeping. Brendas make best of friends. Never lose or let go of a Brenda as they are hard to replace. Brendas are adorable!!!!

"Why can't I find a Brenda?"
"Because not all women are made beautiful like her"
by my dream girl August 19, 2011
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Brenda - aka Bren, is the person on this planet that everybody loves and wants to have because she is a true gift. When it comes to academics, athletics, and social being, she excels above and beyond and especially for the social part, she can make everyone feel special and for that she should be treated amazing by everyone. If you meet a Brenda, you found the one.
Corbin: Hey what type of girl are you looking for?
Ben: I’m looking for a Brenda!
Corbin: No way dude!
by ll Orb ll July 22, 2018
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Very beautiful and very very attractive girl, who loves all sorts of activities. Every boy wants her secretly, but she intimidates everyone. She is so majestically beautiful in every way and if any boy likes her they gotta step their pussy up and talk to her cause she struggling with finding a man. She lonely atm so help her out.
Damn that's Brenda, she's so pretty I wish I was her.
by Ashortasscroc May 30, 2018
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