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Brecken is the hottest guy with a big penis
Damn is that Brecken
by Baseball1724 June 24, 2017
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Brecken is a boy who is athletic and who is tall af. He will get any girl with his looks and with his smile. Also his hugs are the best! This is a guy to never forget.
Nice that is brecken
by Big bird March 02, 2017
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The sweetest, shyest girl you will ever meet. Brecken's are really quiet most of the time unless they're with people they like, and then they get really, really loud and happy. Breckens are the best, most adorable girlfirends you could ever ask for! They also are really quirky and like small things for no apparent reason (not including small dicks). Breckens always look down on themselves but look up to other people. Once you meet one, you'll never forget her...
Guy: Who's that cute chick who keeps staring at me?

Answer: Definatley a Brecken.

by baseballbats2021 March 10, 2009
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Brecken’s are sweet, nice, tall, and usually athletic. The big, bright smile of his can warm up someone’s day. He often comes out of a rich family with either a mother or a father that is a doctor or a lawyer and has 2 to 3 siblings. Friendly to everyone, friends and teachers adore him and usually one of the very “popular” boys, but he doesn’t try to express that. Also, he is an ideal match with girls with names starting from A to D and often rejects the girl that he may like due to shyness and hurt the others feelings by saying he has someone else in mind.
Brecken is overall the most amazingly best caring boyfriends you could ever hope for.
by Lightistic October 15, 2018
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An insane hyperactive freak who never stops running. His nostrils, as huge as a dragons, give him super breathing abilities that keep his body running endlessly. It is said he was one hit by lightning, and died, but was then hit by lightning once more and returned to life. when he returned he came back supercharged due to the electric charge.

The two little men that live in his head often argue, causing him mass headaches and send him into spiraling state of being desperate. Being as weird as he is, he can manage to wear enough different kinds of clothes to fit in with everyone, in order to please every one.

being Gus is being insane
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by Gooey Boi September 21, 2018
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Breckin usually has some form of autism but often has very rich parents. He/she always has a tiny penis that he often lies about the size of so his dad doesn't call him a disgrace to the family name then have a Vietnam flashback. Brecken drowns out the sorry of his tiny penis by looking at memes and trying to send them to his friends... Oh wait he doesn't have friends😂
Brecken has a little dick
by 69_oofydoofy_69 March 01, 2018
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Brecken is the craziest bitch you’ll ever meet. Not in a psycho girlfriend type crazy but a stick your head in a bucket of ice because why not type crazy. She is usually pretty tall but her heigth makes her love reach everyone because seriously everyone LOVES Brecken. Any Brecken loves attention and also doesnt care what she does to get it, even if that includes farting in front of the party. If you don’t have a Brecken in your life right now you better go get one!! Bring some pooperie.
what would Brecken do?
by tripleb January 09, 2019
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