of or relating to Brazilians or their culture.

noun, plural Bra·zu·cas.
1. a Brazilian emigres living outside of Brazil.
2. a foreign-born offspring of a Brazilian emigres.

abbreviations, variations
1. Braza
• nickname for Brazil, or a Brazilian

2. Zuca
• abbreviation of Brazuca

The term was coined in Portugal, initially with a derogatory character, as opposed to the term "portuga". In this country, the reduction "zuca" is also used, with the same meaning.

Over time, Brazilians appropriated the term, which came to be used to refer to themselves in a haughty manner, similar to the Portuguese adoption of the term "tuga" (reduction of "portuga").

A relevant fact about this adoption was the election of the term "Brazuca" to be the name of the official ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil. The name was chosen with more than 77% of the votes. This fact was also important for having allowed the term to become known internationally.
Little Brazil is New York's famous Brazuca neighborhood, home to the annual Brazilian Day festival.

Kelvyn is an emigres from Brazil. He is a Brazuca, and so is his son Shiloh, who was born in the USA.
by Analia da Vieira January 3, 2022
Term used to refer to female sex workers in Brazil. Often used by foreign nationals that visit the country in search of prostitution.
Jürgen had a blast in Brazil. For less than one hundred euros he hooked up with three very liberal brazucas.
by DasTraveller September 2, 2012
"Brazuca" is a friendly, non-offensive way brazilians use to adress themselves. This variation is much more commonly heard abroad, accompanied by a positive attitude. It has therefore some light degree of patriotism. Plural would be "brazucas".

The pronounciation would be something like "Brah-zoo-kah"
Lucas and a friend are discussing on a chat channel:
Lucas: Then we sold our pick-up truck and we flew back to Brazil for summer vacation.
Third person joins channel and overhears last sentence.
Bullfrog59: Brazuca??
Anderson: yup
Bullfrog59: cool
by VVolfsburg March 8, 2008