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A label coined by the media to define a new soft core punk rock tendency and its followers. Even when false, it is nowadays used to define a new teenage generation with dense emotional interface. Very soon they found themselves antagonized and unaccepted by many groups and creeds. A curious phenomenon given the fact that they are mostly concerned with their own matters and pose no threat to anyone else.

Much like the hippies in the sixties, who also suffered heavy discrimination despites their peaceful and non-violent tendency, emos have borrowed only more notoriety from the criticism and developed into a modern era phenomenon.
Josh: People in school are saying Peter is emo...
Gary: Thats so gay.
Josh: Tell me about it. Did you buy tickets for the next show of Monstertruck Madness?
Gary: Sure did. I never miss the chance to see fuel burning and metal grinding.
Josh: Now THATS something manly... poor Peter.
Gary: ... poor Peter.
by VVolfsburg May 11, 2008
"Brazuca" is a friendly, non-offensive way brazilians use to adress themselves. This variation is much more commonly heard abroad, accompanied by a positive attitude. It has therefore some light degree of patriotism. Plural would be "brazucas".

The pronounciation would be something like "Brah-zoo-kah"
Lucas and a friend are discussing on a chat channel:
Lucas: Then we sold our pick-up truck and we flew back to Brazil for summer vacation.
Third person joins channel and overhears last sentence.
Bullfrog59: Brazuca??
Anderson: yup
Bullfrog59: cool
by VVolfsburg March 8, 2008