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These words are examples of primitive onomatopoeia used by Chavs or the like, when making noises like guns.
Apparantly "brap brap" sounds like two rounds being fired. However i think not.
Harry the Chink (whilst in Miniman's Corsa SXI: "Brap Brap i drive by dat nigga"
Crazy Joe: "Shut your gob you stinky Chink!
by Crazy Joe December 20, 2004

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A bush bulge is a small bulge that is apparant in the genital region of people with excessive pubic hair, especially visible when wearing tight trousers or pants made fron lycra.

It is visible as the pubic hair has become so vast that trying to hide it under normal clothes is comparable to hiding Jimi Hendrix's afro under a swimming cap.
"I was gonna hit your sister till I saw her bush bulge... I was worried about getting lost in her jungle!"
by Crazy Joe October 04, 2007

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1) German Airline
2) The 5 million dollar robery of the German airline, by a group of NYC Mafioso
3) Something really big, extravagant
1) i'm gonna go on Lufthansa.
2) did you read about Lufthansa?
3) BMW and platinum rims?! That's Lufthansa!!
by Crazy Joe October 05, 2004

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A person who holds a severe hatered towards Chavs

Mainly used by Grebs and other people who are intimidates by the chavs.
I overheard a greb talkin about how much they hate (are scared of) chavs, what a Chavist they are!
by Crazy Joe February 02, 2005

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"Yeah, I Know"

As said on the amazin comedy Little Britain by Andy and Lou
"but you said that snakes have an aura of evil about them"
"sure you don't want a rabbit?"
by Crazy Joe January 07, 2005

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A childrens TV programme made by the BBC ever since the dawn of time (apparantly). Still runs even though the presenting is shit. The famous garden was apparantly trashed by Les Ferdinand, ex-footballer and spurs scum.
Man, you so black i cant see you! Just like no-one could see les ferdinand at night when he trashed the BP garden!
by Crazy Joe July 08, 2004

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Miniman's real name is Luke Taylor. He is 17 and only 3 days younger than Crazy Joe however he looks about 4 years younger!
Most notably, Miniman got pulled by the feds for under-age driving, even though he had passed his test! Then he crashed it the day after. Wot a crazy fucker,
You seen Miniman's Corsa Sxi? Man's got an induction kit, but his cars falling apart! HAHAHA
by Crazy Joe November 22, 2004

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