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A cute porn actress that runs her own website which is an affiliate of bangbros. Her videos consist mostly of her screwing guys and doing sexy things with her girlfriends, most of her videos have some kind of plot. She is notorious for giving great blowjobs, and overall being good at sex.
That girl can fuck like Brandi Belle.
by Bob Sacremento May 14, 2007
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An amateur sex performer that can look young and innocent if she takes out her tongue stud and covers her tattoos. Provides hard core preview videos at no cost on her website. In less than 5 years she will look like a worn out whore to be replaced by something fresher.
I find you very depressing. You are like Brandi Belle and in less than five years will turn youself into a worn out whore that no one cares about. Better make your money while you can, and I hope you don't lose it to inflation.
by Predictor July 09, 2009
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A semi-retarded porn star who produces her own movies through bangbros. She does have some good scenes, although almost all are exactly the same. She also sometimes gets her "friends" in her movies, none of them are visually appealing. Brandi Belle could add to her looks by simply getting a boobjob, Which she desperately needs.
Person 1: Dude I found this hot new pornstar.

Person 2: Really? Who?

Person 1: Brandi Belle

Person 2: Eww, Really?
by Alexi Stukov April 21, 2008
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