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Brampton is a city northwest of Toronto maybe like a 30 minute drive. Brampton is known for all the accidents the city has as well as being a minority city. The city is fill with south asians and Caribbean’s as well as having a large presence of Europeans.
Jay: yeo what city are you from?
Daniel: I’m from Brampton styll

Jay: oh word? How is it like over there?
Daniel: it’s very multicultural man, can’t complain.

Jay: cool cool, stay safe on those roads tho man.
by Brampton June 21, 2020
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Term used in a chat service. A creative way of saying "Later" as in bye.
by Brampton December 02, 2005
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What you sayin, it basically means what’s up or what are you doing? Usually used by Toronto/GTA or in the UK when someone says wys just reply with what you’re doing at the moment
Rahim: yeo

Jay: yurrr
Rahim: wys fam?

Jay: I’m chillin breden wbu?
by Brampton June 21, 2020
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