something that you know how to do, but temperarly forgot.
or you just got a brain fart because you wernt thinking clearly.
dont you hate brain farts?
by crystaldreamer12 September 16, 2021
A term one uses when they can't remember anything and are just overall feeling awfully stupid today. When you are trying to solve a math problem, but you completely forget what to do.
Girl #1: Uggh this math homework is giving me a headache.
Girl #2: It's not that hard, we just learned this all in class today.

Girl #1: Yeah, but right now I'm having the biggest brain fart.
by the_true_name_definer ;) December 20, 2018
A brain fart consists of verbalising the most incoherent, incongruent, inexplicable sentence one could ever hear, at any giving moment, usually resulting in the act of 'facepalming', proceeded by everyone who had the misfortune of being there to witness such unfathomable stupidity
Person A: Oh my god I've just had the most incredible brain fart...

Person B: That's so Maria Marcos de Macedo Sempiterno redacted of you!
by ValenteMerda January 24, 2022
Brain farts are creative thoughts that come up when a provocative question is posed but that you hold back because you're afraid of judgment.
Farts are natural, and suppressing them is unhealthy and stupid. Same with brain farts. There is no good or bad thought or idea.

A setting that encourages participants to release their brain farts invites healthy engagement without stakeholders judging their own thoughts too much on a subject matter.
Please feel free to release your brain farts in this group. No judgment.
by anononononymus April 21, 2021
when you forget every thing you learn to do a test
by laughmaker5000 September 29, 2019
A stinky fart brain is someone named vanessa
stinky fart brain wouldn’t pick where we were eating she just kept saying idk
by Mfjizzyj August 2, 2022