The other word for "LEGENDARY".

This kid called Braiden (or EoPBraiden) is a sexy ass mother fucker.
Person1: Omfg is that Braiden?
Person2: O Shit that is, quick bow down as he walks past us.
Braiden: Well hello ladies
Person1: I think i just came!?
Person2: I'm fingering myself now!
by Gouldy18 May 29, 2011
Braiden is one of the most funniest guys u will meet. A Braiden is really nice and funny. But he is very strong and independent as well. Don't let him find out you are picking on someone or you are going to end up dead. Braiden is very athletic and outgoing. No matter what he will always make you laugh. So Braiden is one heck of a guy!!!!
Person 1:Wow Braiden you are an awesome soccer player!

Braiden: why thank you, you are also awesome
by Luckygirl1010 March 18, 2018
A gay obese crack head who sits at home eating crisps all fucking day also Is a lazy sod
Braiden is such a fucking spaz
by Area 51 contents August 30, 2019
The sexiest man in the world he may be a little short but his cock will ruin your mothers insides
by Tickly t May 8, 2020
An odd looking beta cuck male who has too much sexual frustration issues. He's always either jacking off, eating, or sleeping. Somehow despite the way he is he manages to get a hot girlfriend that accepts him no matter how small his penis size is because she's a freak.
Every other Male: "Bow down to me you disgrace of human evolution"

by The Alpha Male Society October 17, 2019
A guy who tries to hard to get the one girl he really likes when he try’s to move on he will never be the same he don’t like to make the first move unless he has to will do what he can to make it as long as he can he is depressed guy but don’t like to show it
by Steve is not dead September 9, 2019