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An epic bestfriend. Funny enough to send even the most serious police officer into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Devilishly handsome enough to rival Mr. James Bond. Has a hilarious failure to distinguish red and green. A perfect wingman for when sh!t hits the fan. A true friend till the end. Happy now, bro?
Why can't we all just a Bradyn? But seriously, there is a fire back there. You guys shouldn't go back there, you might die.
by UndeadKing Lars July 13, 2012
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An extremely intelligent man who likes to keep his knowledge hidden. He makes friends easily and everyone in the room always looks at him to brighten the mood. A bradyn is also extremely handsome, and athletic. A perfect wing man for when you need it. He surrounds himself with only his closest of friends because he doesn't trust many, and will always come through when you really need it.
i really wish there was a bradyn here right now.
by Aiden Lansing April 06, 2017
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a left handed douche bag who has a huge ego. all he talks about is being smarter than everyone else and how he is so awesome at wow, which we all know hes not. he will never get over the fact that no one cares. not only is braydn a complete d-bag, he might be homosexual. his lack of friends has made him antisocial and is one of the main contributions to his douchebaggery and homosexuality.
I'm Bradyn and I am better than you because I'm left handed hahaha
by chad fernandez July 08, 2011
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Bradyn is a piece of shit asshole cunt pussy lipped aids asshole garbage human being and i hate him. But on a good day he can be a nice friend and can be a good time to hang out with. but other than that i would rip his balls of of his nuts and beat him up. oh and every bradyn tries to steal your girlfriend Samantha even after she got the restraining order
by IHateBradynSinceHeTookMyGirl September 14, 2019
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