A term used to describe how shows/movies make sure to have a variety of characters in their cast, often at the expense of realism. The list of boxes that need to be checked off normally includes people of different races, religions, sexual orientation, etc that are made sure to be included in hopes of reaching a broader audience. This tendency is normally used to appeal to the left by including gays, people of color, and other minorities so as not to appear biased towards straight whites, which dominated media culture in previous decades. However it's not uncommon to appeal to the right as well by including characters that are more conservative, white, and more adherent to the previous standards. The point being that all of the boxes need to be checked in order for a modern show to be aired, often resulting in a hilarious lineup/combination of characters that would normally not be seen together in real life.
"Have you seen that new TV show on Fox?" Sam asked Jenny.
"Ugh, no way, to much box checking. We're just expected to believe that a white redneck and a black rap star are best friends living with a gay Chinese couple in the middle of Salt Lake City?" Jenny replied.
by January 6, 2021
A twisted "game" created by motorcyclists that congregate at a San Diego bike night gathering (in Mira Mesa). Played by attempting to make (mostly harmful) physical contact with another player's genitals.

Players usually stand around in a circle (or semi-circle) discussing random topics and randomly a player will try to "box-check" another by taking a strike at their genitals. The game attempts to make use of several diversions, such as riddles or jokes to distract players.

The box-check is the female version of a "bing-bong"

Most of the motorcyclists at said San Diego Bike Night gathering know that if they try to box-check MCC, she will introduce them to the ground.
by The MCC April 28, 2007
Vaginal exam to obtain cultures and manually examine the vagina and other female genitalia.
We need a box-check for the pt with a condom full of money in her vag.
by 84RN July 1, 2010
Leaning or bending the knees to check an opponent using one's pubic bone. A box check is performed by a player in a defensive situation trying to stop an attacker from getting past her or trying to separate an attacker from herself.
He came at me so fast I hurt myself a little box checking him.
by Candy_1234 October 14, 2019