A tactical bedroom maneuver commonly performed wearing only bowling shoes. Its executed by putting your thumb up a chicks butthole while simultaneously putting two fingers in her snatch and throwing her onto the bed.
Cindy immediately realized it was time to fuck as soon as I gave her the bowling alley.
by SenseiTheLegend October 25, 2022
A bowling alley is a common bowling like sexual position reference. It is the act of taking the males nutsack and starting from the toes of the male/female beginning to rub the sack up the person's body until reaching the mouth where the nut sack is inserted.

The name is a reference to a bowling alley due to the fact as the nuts equal in meaning of a bowling ball and the mouth not clearly but referenced to the pins or gutter.
Girl: WTF is a bowl...
Guy: -rubs- STRIKE!

-later that day-

Girl: what the hell was that you did back there?
Guy: that was the bowling alley
by TerribleTrauma July 31, 2010
(n.) An alleyway where one shacks bowls (smokes marijuana)
Dude I thought this place was sketchy, but then I found a good bowling alley
by The Roach Clip of the Past January 29, 2010
In the United States of America, usually a low-set, sorta narrow building that is home to a bunch of bowling lanes where people play the game and sport that is bowling. Often smoky (even if smoking is supposedly not allowed), sometimes dark and dingy, often a good time to be had. Some have bars, and many have family nights, cosmic bowling (bowling with the regular lights out and flashing lights and stuff) Saturday morning leagues, and other fun activities.
Various people will gravitate to bowling alleys, including families, serious bowlers, large groups, kids, teens, and guys who like to drink beer, smoke, and hang out with their friends.
"I went to the bowling alley and afterwards I smelled like an ashtray, but it was fun."
by killerfiller March 14, 2006
A place where you can jack off pretty decent food....usually better than most fast food resturants.
12 year old fatso: Yeah I'm going to McDonalds to eat a Big Mac with my friends
Normal person: Come on faggot... the new bowling alley had just opened and their burgers just rock
by The Prepster August 29, 2007
pimpest place that me n my best friend kaite met our "guyz on tha side" :) :) :) :) :)
zack neal bobby and the "tricks"
by candy! April 20, 2005
the only place where you can go and legitly purchase athletes foot.
Brian: Hey dude do you want to go to the bowling alley?

Chad: Do you mean 'Hey dude do you want to get some involuntary athletes foot'?

Brian: Sooo?

Chad: No.
by NoOneActuallyLikesToBowl February 6, 2011