When a male and a female have to piss in a toilet at the same time- the girl sits and pisses with legs spread and the guy pisses in the open spot in between.
There was only one toilet for us and we had both been holding it for over an hour so we did a Bow and Arrow
by M2124 December 29, 2017
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Term used by weird/awkward people to describe a weapon known to the rest of the world as the bow. Just like a gun is not called a gun and bullet. it consists of a curved body, and has strings to store energy when pulled back to launch a long projectile typically with a head at fast speeds and potentially great accuracy. There are different types of bows including recurve, composite, and crossbows. Also kind of like saying eyeball instead of eye.
Person 1: Look out! He has a bow and arrow! Person 2: You mean a bow? Weirdo...
by Mephoran October 6, 2012
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A curved wooden weapon with a string you pull back when an arrow is nocked. If you pull it back far enough, it will either break or the arrow will go far.
Elves are skilled with a bow and arrow.
by Keeper of the Dragons March 14, 2017
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When you're walking and your ankle gives in and makes you feel embarrassed and awkward .given the shape of one leg being bent (bow) and the other one straight (arrow)
" my biggest fear is doing a bow and arrow leg when I walk down the aisle "
by Tink.ink April 28, 2021
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When a woman deficates while wearing a thong, the elastic fabric of the thong will forcibly return said turd to the rectum, producing the "bow & arrow" effect.
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The girl that thought she was Cantaness from Hunger Games and thought her bow and arrow was a toy and shot the other girl with it at the swim meet laughed about it afterwards, it didn't seem real.
by The Original Agahnim December 4, 2021
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A symbol to show our love for The Boyz member, (he's still alive don't worry) Hwall (Heo Hyunjoon), that recently left the group due to physical and mental issues. Bow and Arrow represents Hwall because of his sick aim, and his skills in archery.

Stan The Boyz
"How did it go for The Boyz on ISAC?"
"Hwall scored all tens in archery!"
"Of course, what a coincidence"
"He's so good with the Bow and Arrow!"
by yourmomsspagetti October 31, 2019
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