Typically a bird, broad, ho, slut, skank, bitch or skeezer whom instantly appear out of nowhere (most often in the VIP area) when guys are popping bottles and they think they are entitled to free drinks because they are packing fake titties, fake lips, fake tan and more often than not have had sex with at least one B-list celebrity in the butt.
"Yo those bottle rat ho's are skeemin on my patron, back the fuck up bitches and suck on this dick! Gotttta earn!!!!"
by Matt Vega$ November 3, 2009
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In Siesta Key, a Bottle Rat is a girl hanging out with a ginger billionaire.
Juliette exclaimed “Meghan! You’re such a clout chasing Bottle Rat!!!”
by Vandross May 13, 2022
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