When a guy ejaculates in a girls mouth then pours chocolate milk or melted chocolate on her head, it forms a Boston cream. Originated from the doughnut called Boston cream
Yo I boston creamed that biatch yesternight

by FUZZCCF April 24, 2010
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When you buy a Boston Cream donut from Tim Hortons, warm it up in your microwave and stick your dick in that warm, creamy goodness.
Me and the boys went ice fishing eh and our balls almost froze off eh, so we went Boston Creaming.
by Klaxo January 29, 2021
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The practice of spurting gonorrheic discharge ("gleet") into a vagina ("filling the doughnut"), and then eating it out. This is usually accomplished first by acquiring the bacteria neisseria gonorrhoeae from a promiscuous partner and letting it fester for a period of at least six weeks. Next, the unsuspecting female victim is wooed into engaging in sexual intercourse without ever having been told of the existence of the penile colony ("the Mayflower"). Finally, the vagina is filled with creamy yellowish hate (which ultimately oozes out much like a Boston Cream doughnut), to be enjoyed through a bit of cunnilingus.
"I gave her the Boston Cream last year, and after the lawsuit settles, I'm going to chow down on a second helping."
by monster.co.ck June 14, 2009
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1) The popular doughnut, covered in chocolate on top with a cream filling on the inside.

2) When you pour chocolate on a girl's vag, eat her out, and then proceed to have vaginal sex and cum inside her.
1) "Dude, I ate a Boston cream today, shit was so cash"

2) "Dude, I gave your sister a Boston cream today, shit was so cash"
by Gerroh March 19, 2011
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When a Caucasian male is beneath an African American woman, the man will proceed to coat his manly seed all over the lumen her rectum, allowing a bit of the discharge to spill out. This result will closely resemble the Dunkin Donuts delicacy, the Boston Cream Doughnut. This may result in poop noodles, which can be used as a garnish.
Oh man, Robby made me a Boston Cream last night. It looked so good, I wanted to to eat it! Too bad I can't reach my ass with my mouth. poop noodle chocolate ass chocolate cream
by SigFire13 February 2, 2016
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The act of placing a donut over the shaft of your penis to invite a messy blowjob. Partner proceeds to mow down
Guy walks into the bedroom… opens his robe to show a donut attired dick..
Girlfriend says …”Oh my… I didn't realize you ordered The Boston Cream tonight”
by Annib March 4, 2022
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when a guy puts a doughnut on his cock and then the girl gives him a blow job. He then ejaculates on the doughnut and this is he cream in he doughnut. The girl then proceeds to eat the doughnut off of his dick.
I asked the girl if she had a doughnut while we were having sex. She asked me why and i told her i wanted to do a Boston Cream. Then I put it on my dick and she ate it off. It was so good I came all over her face.
by juicyman March 28, 2009
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