When my girlfriend walked out in her new bikini I got a B.O.S.
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by Vada Vada July 23, 2020
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A term mainly used by railroad foamers in the state of New Jersey when talking about NJ Transit's Neoplan AN459 articulated buses.
Foamer 1: Today I am gonna go ride the Neoplan to Fort Lee
Foamer 2: Oh you mean Bos
Foamer 1: Yep that's the one
Foamer 2. Oh ok, have a good ride
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Is the unstoppable, escalating and contagious psychological condition of going wild at a party. Hot girls afflicted by this condition often attracts or is born with the nick name Bossie
Bossie heard her favorite song - she is going bos again!
by Bliksims January 08, 2019
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