An alternate term for a dog. Particularly one that barks often or occasionally.
Borkers bark and are fluffy.
by Stryk1r December 22, 2017
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To fail at being funny when trying, but to succeed when not.
by BobboD August 3, 2018
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From the realrates consultant website. Originally a typo for "broker". It describes a less than ethical technical recruiter. There are variations like borkette (female) and borkery (place of business). The verb 'borked' can mean "cheated by a borker".
The only jobs that I could find were sponsored by borkers that were paying far below market rates.

The bork insisted that I come to the office to fill out 20 pages of useless paperwork.

As soon as I mentioned to the borkette that I wanted a full disclosure clause in the contract agreement she stopped calling me.
by DarkHumour February 20, 2005
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Very loose, large vagina with flappy labia that makes questionable sounds during intercourse.
It's 5 am. She's the only one left in the club. You're desperate so you decide to bite the bullet. When you get home and get frisky, you fell an entire pastrami sandwich down there. Yup, she's got one of them flapping borkers.
by elktw January 19, 2019
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a synonym for duggo or ''Dog'' as the mortals call them
by SIgabyTheMage March 9, 2017
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