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From the Muppet character, the Swedish Chef. A phrase used to indicate that someone has just said something which sounds like it should make sense, but doesn't at all.
Person 1: I really enjoyed that movie.

Person 2: Yes, the acting was superb.

Person 3: All I can think about now is gourmet cheese.

Person 1: Bork bork!

Person 2: Bork bork!
by Oysterbaby's Man February 27, 2011
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A sound sometimes made by a Pupper. This pupper may be mentally retarded. The borking sound is caused when a pupper tries to bark but fails, the sound that does end up coming out sounds like "bork bork".

Doggos and doges have also been known to make this noise from time to time.

The borking noise was originally brought to fame by memers. It had since been used to describe awkward barks all around the world.
Doge: Bork Bork

Human 1: bork bork?
Human 2: yes, bork bork!
by Bork for days May 30, 2017
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