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A person between the ages of 10-25 that is on the Border of their life. Everyday is a complete stuggle and contemplation on suicide is a daily occurance. Life has little to no meaning. Every day is a little bit darker than the next. Border Children lack the fear of death and are strangely curious about death. The only reason a Border Child stays alive is because s/he cares about hurting others, wants to find the right way to end their life or has little things like Bffs, drugs, sunshine, Adventures, laughter, music and family. (IF they have a family) These Children spend their lives surrounded by drugs, booze and hopelessness. The only cure is surrounding yourself with other Border Children.
Person 1: Did you hear Derrick attempted suicide 2 days ago?
Person 2: Dude, that happens, like every week. Hes a Border Child.
Person 1: I think I see him over there buying some drugs off the girl who attempted suicide last week. Wow.
Person 2: Border Children..
by wrappedINred May 10, 2010
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