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Boober is a new ridesharing app, similar to Uber. The big difference - the drivers are topless females. It costs twice the amount of an Uber, but it's well worth it!
Hey boys, screw catching an Uber tonight - let's catch a Boober instead!
by Jaydee437 July 05, 2018
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The worlds best boyfriend.
A sexy man who would do anything in his power to make sure his partner is well taken care of, in every way ;)
He's not only your boyfriend, but your bestfriend and protector as well.
He's someone you don't wanna imagine your life without, and won't have too cause he's around for good.
Sorry girl! Can't go out tonight.

Me and my Boober have our own plans ;)
by Redubb. June 04, 2014
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slang or synonym for boobs or breasts
wow sara, you have BIG boobers! ::wink::
by teehee October 13, 2004
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someone that is overly obsessed with BOOBIES.
*Gertrude fondles herself*
Lana: er that Gertrude girl is such a boober, but not as bad as that Minka girl. She should be imprisoned for what she's done, that girl is wack!
by harriet April 16, 2004
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1. the head of the penis, or, by extension, a whole penis.
They just laughed and started pulling their boobers out.
by Zapetroid October 30, 2016
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A derogatory term that is used to refer to the Hoover Criminal Gang.

You will see this word spray painted on walls in areas all across Los Angeles. Hoover Criminal Gangsters were formerly known as the Hoover Crip Gang.

Blood, Crip and various Latino gangs in Los Angeles constantly clash with the Hoover Criminal Gang, and one of the words that they use to degrade them is Boober. Simply because it rhymes and sounds funny. So, if you see the word Boober in graffiti anywhere across Los Angeles, it's a derogatory reference to the Hoover Criminal Gang.
Blood #1: Wussup Blood? Some Boober-ass nigga was talkin' shit to me over on Slauson. I fuckin smoked that fool, fuck Boobers!

Blood #2: Dat's right dog... Fuck Boobers!
by coffee22022 June 12, 2010
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