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Bonglish is a word used to describe a person who is socially popular and extremely liked. The term is mainly used on Discord and describes a lot of cool people. Anyone with Bonglish in their username immediately makes them part of a well-liked, beautiful family with amazing, talented people.
Bonglish Child: I aspire to be as Bonglish as you!
Bonglish Chap: Don't worry, my young apprentice. One day, perhaps you will.
Bob Ross: Man, I wish I was as Bonglish as them.
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by Bonglish Child July 20, 2018
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Used on Discord to denote a person dangerously obsessed with the exploits of fictional anthropomorphic bears, often to the point of a full-on fetish.
"He told me he'd screw Paddington, I think he must be bonglish."
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by Gay-9 August 01, 2018
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