A bone marrow baby is when "alt girls" or "kam girls" use their bone marrow to make a baby.

how long can they survive?
Answer: not even one week and he/she/alien gone

What do they look like?
Answer: imagine a human with 5 eyes, 9 arms and 1 leg with 4 tongues
the mom: Hey! Say mommy.. say mommy....
the baby: &@^$9284&@(@*/2(@93&55*
the mom: oh sweetie you will learn more words 🥰
the baby: €✓¥´×€{₩`ו€¥`02848
*after 4 days*
mom: *screams* WHY DID HE DIE?!

some guy: bone marrow babies am i right? 😂
by Prax1s October 18, 2020
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Guy1:I will eat your bone marrow

Guy2:Omg really that's wonderful
by Toast lover 69 November 29, 2019
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