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The best rock n' roll singer of all time. Wrote the lyrics to all the best ac/dc songs. Unfortunately he died after a drinking binge in 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson. Even though Brian was a fucking good singer, there will only ever be one Bon Scott.
by dave hill January 20, 2006
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Graced the world with his voice. The best frontman and singer a band could ever dream to have. Dave sucked, but at least when Bon died Brian Johnson auditioned and AC/DC kept going until 2003
by JulianGr May 25, 2006
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Real name is Ronald Belford Scott. Born 9 July 1946, in Forfar, Scotland. Died 19 February 1980, London. He was AC/DC's second singer (Dave Evans was the first singer, Bon Scott did not appear until the fourth line up of AC/DC in September 1974.)
Bon Scott once said "All the songs we do are basically about one of three things: booze, sex or rock & roll."
by AC/DC Fan May 23, 2005
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The original, boss ass, original singer of the classic rock band, AC/DC. This jacked up mother fucker can be heard harmonizing in songs like "Can I Sit Next to You Girl?" , " Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." , " What's Next to the Moon?" , "Live Wire" , " T.N.T" , and he has alot of MAJESTIC solo work that any classic rock junkie should check out.
AC/DC Bon Scott
by AC/DC4life August 04, 2014
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(Noun) (Australia) Weighty testicles visible through tight jeans. Named after late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott.
β€œShit, mate, put on some undies – your bon scotts are scaring the young fellas.”
by HMNYRL March 30, 2011
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