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To tag or graffiti on the wall. Real tagging or bombin is art, not no gay gangster tagging which is skinny and ugly.

Bombin ain't a hobby, its a habit in LA, Chi town, and New York.
I bombed on the bilboard the other day, peep the artwork yo.
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People who are extremely good looking all around who are characterized as 'bomb'. bombin' is when they are looking good right in a specific situation.
Matt is bomb. but Matt was bombin' in that one picture.
by violetbellaishellacool July 21, 2010
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a term when someone is say that something is cool in return to another persons statement
"Thats bombin"
"hella bombin dude"
by chris enright November 23, 2003
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walkin off 2 get off wiv sum1, wivout uva ppl knowin (u hav 2 b in a group)
omg they bombed round corner!!!
by emzi November 11, 2004
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