When used as a noun, a boke is a personal stash of any drink. When used as a verb, boking describes drinking from such a stash. A boke can not be shared with more than one person, and a boke that is communally shared is no longer a boke. When sharing with your friends, typically out of courtesy or obligation, this is referred to as "bumping someone else's boke". Boke is not limited to alcoholic beverages, although it often refers to such.
(Noun) I don't want people sipping off of my boke, so I keep it locked up
(Verb) This party is lame, so I'm going to start boking
by mxb55 February 13, 2022
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An anime/manga slang term for a character that is dumb acting, stupid and pretty much doesn't care about grades or studying. Bokes also tend to have advantages like a running skill or something that they don't use.Theey might also hit on people, and or become full of themselves from time to time. In most animes and mangas the boke would usaully be paired up with the tsudere.

Konata - The boke of Lucky Star
America - The boke of Hetalia
by Nitori March 13, 2010
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To be presented with an unattractive prospect such that the gag reflex is vigorously invoked.
She's pure mingin, she gies me the boke.
by Benzyl November 22, 2009
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N. Irish way to something that makes you want to be sick.
That tennants is boke, get me a pint of carlyberg.
by yer ma's yer da September 5, 2009
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An alchoholic drink containing Baileys and Coke.
"Get me a Glass of Boke"
by Unknown November 17, 2003
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Verb. To engage in the act of smoking Cannabis.

Noun. The actual Cannabis plant itself.

Adj. To be under the influence of Cannabis

Verb. "Hey manz, lets go boke in boke alley!"

Noun. "I'm all out of boke, manz."

Adj. "I'm boked as shit right now!"

by TailsMontyG June 17, 2009
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