A group of young thugs from Lehigh Acres, Florida. Mostly operate out of East Lee County high school, but their influence is rumored to have spread as far north as Canada and certain parts of Alaska.

The Ghetto Boiz were formed in 1970 by neighborhood children to combat the boredom of living in a small, rural, Southwest Florida town. They started out as petty thiefs, and arsonists, but soon moved on to bigger and more heinous crimes. By 1978 they were dabbling in major drug and human trafficking, Murder, extortion, and of course, BREAKING CURFEW. They grew to become one of the most powerfull gangs in America, and that status still stands today.
John: I heard the Ghetto Boiz jumped a crippled 9 year old elementary school student!!!

Jim: Yea. There fucking tough shit!
by G.B BELEE THATZ April 8, 2008
When a group of people leave a company en masse and hinder its growth
Due to poor management, Tealium Inc experienced the "bing boiz effect" when numerous employees resigned.
by bingboiz4life October 7, 2021
An elite faction of tremendously dodgy cunts. To gain acceptance from the group you must perform a array of death-defying tasks such as consuming a perverse quantity of alcoholic beverages. The Boiz Night Crew are feared by all and respected by none. The faction consists of sixteen members carefully selected judging on their pussy fucking abilities. Each associate is equivalent as there is no dominant leader. Women are seldom permitted to associate with The Boiz Night Crew unless their pussy is on the table, if this is the case all members are permitted to thrash it out.
Officer 1: The woman's corpse was covered in semen and every orifice was emitting blood.

Officer 2: obviously the work of The Boiz Night Crew.

Officer 1: OH GOD....

Officer 2: A few years back they had their way with my wife and children, I don’t think I ever entirely recovered from what I witnessed that day. Most nights I sit alone with nothing but my desolation to keep me company, pondering on how their souls were blackened to such an extent. I have lost all hope in society.
by the boiz night crew May 9, 2011
When you simply gotta get some delicious foods called SQUABS for ya mates but u live in Australia
Oi dude lets go get some SQOBS FOR DA BOIZ
by THABOIZ March 23, 2020
"Da Boiz" are usually men/boys who invalidate women or think of themselves as Gods in-game. And they also think men are better than women to make their self-esteem higher.
"I'm playing with Da Boiz"
by vesteriia February 15, 2021
Da Boiz is a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals, and brokering and enforcing illegal agreements and transactions. Da Boiz often engage in secondary activities such as gambling, loan sharking, drug-trafficking, prostitution, and fraud.

Nowadays the, Owen Sect of Da Boiz, is widely considered the richest and most powerful Da Boiz Sect in the world.

The term "Da Boiz" was originally applied only to the Jesus Sect and originates in Hawaii, but it has since expanded to encompass other organizations of similar methods and purpose, e.g., "the Australian Da Boiz" or "the Canadian Da Boiz". The term is applied informally by the press and public; the criminal organizations themselves have their own terms. Da Boiz is a brutal criminal organization, estimated to be responsible for thousands of murders and high stake robberies every year.
Jesus: I am part of Da Boiz, and the leader of the Jesus Sect.
Bob: I didn't ask.
by zenkai_fan012 August 27, 2021
usually a group of small peepee boys that like to eat weed nomnom 😋🍃🍃. they often forget that they asked. they usually use emojis such as: 🥶👣😈🥵🤣😎🤡🔥💯.
da boiz:
da boiiii 1: what was the homework bro?😈🤡🥶👣🥵🤣
da boiiii 2: um it was- 😎💯
da boiiii 1: I don't remember asking tho bro man 🤡🤡🤡
by da boi 🤡🤡🤡 November 13, 2020