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A night-owl radio operator who has been operating all night until morning or routinely does so. Often aged, but not always, and unlike the unrelated description of a female human, this definition has little to do with appearance other than that it may be disheveled and more to do with a ragged state of body and mind. "Boiled" ostensibly due to heat and radiation from the transmitter(s) as well as suffering the effects of excessive coffee and cigarettes. An official image of a Boiled Owl exists on the cover of December 1923 "QST" magazine.

The "Order of Boiled Owls": The official order of same. A limited and specific club of amateur radio operators in New York. Specialty is contests and "DXCC". Call sign KW2O, meets monthly in members homes, membership limited to about 15 persons as that is what can fit in a typical home. No doubt of the kind who stay up all night feverishly operating high powered radio equipment in order to make as many "contacts" as possible.
Harry felt like a Boiled Owl after operating all night to Australia.

The radiomen were a bunch of Boiled Owls after operating that global disaster for 27 hours straight.
by The Secondary Weasel April 04, 2011
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Slang term referring to women aged 65+. Generally used after
the "Silver Back" stage. So called due to the prominence of
wrinkles resembling an owl which has been boiled. Still doable.

So, the timeline is:

Cougar (40-50), Silver Back (50-65), Boiled Owl (65+)
I'd do her even though she's a boiled owl.
by Way More Awesomer March 09, 2008
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