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A gay bogan, a cross between a bogan and a gay person. Usually seen wearing a wifebeater or some other overtly patriotic clothing (e.g. with national symbols or flag printed on it) combined with short shorts and thongs.

Often used to describe the confusing intersection of two incompatible characteristics, the rough unsophistication of a yobbo with the camp features of a homosexual.

Can be characteristics other than style of dress, e.g. love of country music and pop music. Which is obviously confusing because one is about dogs and utes and sheep and dust, and the other is about teenage angst.

Can be used as a: (1) noun, (2) verb or (3) adjective.
1. You are such a bogay.
2. We can totally bogay-out to Pink next summer!
3. You totally look like a bogay in that outfit.
by FauxFaux October 02, 2009
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