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A proper badman, so bad that they refuse to spell the word correctly.
"Don't act like such a badman"
"Cuh, I'm a bodmon"
by I Am A God November 06, 2013
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The type of guy that will make a move on your girl, win her over, and take her back to his place in your car. The bodmon can usually be found in his natural habitat on the dance floor grinding at least 5 girls and wearing 10 gold chains. If you spot a bodmon, it is in your best interest walk the other direction, as they usually travel with their goon squad.
Laquisha: Damn who's that fine piece of ass over there with the gold tooth and all the gyals on his arm?
Keisha: I dunno girl, but he's a bodmon for real.
by The Real Patrick Star January 25, 2017
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When someone or something is so amazing, you just can't think of what to say.
Oh my god, that outfit is bodmon.
by jamesmills October 06, 2007
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