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A combination of Bloody and Bugger (as in wicked, not sexual) uttered while speaking really fast or in rage.
The blugger took me for a ride and duped me!
by Mohit Hira September 22, 2009
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Adaptation of the word 'blugly', which in turn is derived from the phrase 'bloody ugly'. Used to describe the most unfortunate looking of all disgustingly ugly people
1: Ah m8, you didn't fuck that bird last nite did you!?
2.: Nah man, did u see her!? She was fuckin' bluggers!!
by Joe Walford September 05, 2007
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a blugger is a definition for a little bugger but the old meaning of bugger where a bugger is a naughty child not the sexual meaning
an irritable child or person maybe a blugger
by jameswatters September 16, 2007
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